Life Lesson from a 7 Year Old

“But they who wait for the lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall work and not faint.” Isahia 40:31

This picture of my son shooting his compound bow is extremely inspiring to me. My son received this bow almost two years ago as a Christmas gift from his grandparents. He was not quite 6, but his daddy is a bow hunter, so my son was super excited to have his first real bow and learn how to shoot like his daddy. So of course, not long after he opened it, he ran outside with his daddy and patiently waited while the target was being set up, only to realize, he wasn’t strong enough to pull it back. He was pretty bummed. So of course my husband helped him pull the string back so he could shoot. We told him, just be patient and give it time, before you know it, you will be strong enough to pull it back by yourself. After that, sometime went by, he asked again if he could try his bow. Just like the first time, he still wasn’t strong enough. The same scenario went on for almost 2 years until the day this picture was taken. My husband got his bow out to practice for bow season, my son asked if he could try his. He struggled at first, but, when he was able to finally get the string pulled back all the way, he aimed, he shot and hit the target. OH MY, the look of joy and excitement on that childs face (plus mine and my husbands). We where so proud of him and he was proud of himself. He shot over and over again after that.

My point to this story is patience. My son could have given up after the first few times, but he didn’t. He kept trying and stayed patient knowing the time would come that he would be able to shoot his bow. We are usually too quick to quit anything, just because we are not succeeding right away.

As parents, we are suppose to teach our children about life. But on that day, my 7 year old taught me.

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2chronicles 15:7

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Mandy Vinson

I am Mandy Vinson and I am a singer/songwriter, author, blogger, and on occasion and dabble into poetry. I am a wife, a mother of two children and a child of God. My hobbies include playing games with my kids and spending time with my family, being outdoors, writing, playing guitar, and singing.

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