Life According to Bailey

Bailey was more than a beautiful yellow lab, with sparkling brown eyes, and a waggily tail. She was my pup sister. I remember when we first got our bookie dog. She was a vocal little thing with a rambunctious attitude. She was a quick learner as well. I mean, I would do any kind of trick for some Sony’s BBQ too! But not only was she my pup sister, my brother and I were her litter mates as well. When she come to live in her new home, she was ecstatic to have human pups as part of her pack. She had so much to teach us she could hardly wait.
First things first, she hated it when we would go to school. She was alone all day because the parents were at work as well. So Bailey decided it was time for us to learn how to miss the bus. My brother and I would take Bookie Dog on her last potty outing before the bus came, when all of a sudden, she would run off. Now, she never runs off, so this was a new trick. My brother and I would chase her all around the neighbor hood, and no joke, as soon as we missed the bus, there she was sitting on the back porch. Our parents were at work and couldn’t come get us, and we lived too far from the school to walk. Task one, complete.
Bailey hated being in a pen more than anything, so her next lesson was how to not get put in the pen. This one is a two stepper. If one doesn’t work, then try the other. First, Bark. Bark like there is no tomorrow. She had a LOUD bark. We even tried putting a bark collar on her. But that didn’t work. She figured out that it would shock after 3 barks. So she would bark 3 times, stop, wait for the collar to reset, then repeat. Next, if barking didn’t work, turn into a chocolate lab. Yes, you read that right. A yellow lab turning into a chocolate lab??? How can that be you ask??? Well, you simply knock over your water bucket, then roll around until your whole body is covered in mud. My brother and I had some errands to run, so we put Bailey in her pen so she wouldn’t get into mischief. Boy were we wrong. We came home to the biggest mess. Then, when we tried to bathe her, it turned into a bigger mess because she turned our bathroom into a mud room!

After missing the bus, and bath time magic tricks, who doesn’t get hungry! I know I love food! Well, so did Bailey. She loved all types of food, pizza, sub sandwiches, and we already mentioned BBQ. I was minding my own business one afternoon watching TV. I warmed me up a couple pieces of leftover pizza and was kicked back in my dads recliner. Bailey came over looking all sweet and precious begging for a bite of my pizza. But I was hungry and wasn’t up for sharing. A short few minutes later, Bailey starts barking at the front door. I was expecting company, so I laid my plate with my pizza on it down on the chair, and got up to open the door. When I got to the door, no one was there. I shrugged it off thinking Bailey was being paranoid. But, when I got back to my chair, MY PIZZA WAS GONE! Bailey =1 , me = 0. Well played bookie dog, well played.
Speaking of barking at the door, Bailey was sort of a scardie cat. She was really quick with the safety first rule and I know that was something she wanted to make sure my brother and I learned. Normally, if someone was at the door, Bailey was quick to want to be the first to greet them. You could not enter our house without bookie slobber first. But, if you where a stranger, or there was a strange noise, or if it was just dark, you better bet that Bailey was going to run up stairs before she barked. She knew better than to talk a lot of smack before knowing who was truly on the other side of that door. It could be the boogie man! But when push comes to shove, when there was real danger, she was there to protect. Someone tried to break into our house one night and Bailey would not let my mom out of the bedroom. My mom called the cops and the person ran off. But Bailey meant business. We never saw that protective side of her before until that night.
One thing Bailey loved was movie nights. When my dad would work nights, Bookie, my brother, and I would snuggle with my mom in their bed and watch movies. The only problem was, Bailey was not allowed in their bed. No worries though because Bailey had her very own large bed with a better mattress than mine. But, it was still fun snuggling all together. My mom would lay a blanked down on the bed for Bailey to lay on so she wouldn’t leave the evidence of hair. One night, my dad came home early. Bailey was snoring away at the foot of their bed, when all of a sudden the back door closed, and my dad coughed. Bailey ever so quietly slid off the side of the bed, never making a peep, and tip toed into her own bed, and continued her snoring as if nothing had happened. My mom, brother, and I chuckled trying to keep a straight face when my dad walked into the room. Fun times.
One of my fondest memories of Bailey is during Christmas time. That pup LOVED Christmas! My mom would hang all of our stockings down the step rails, and bailey would lay there with her head under hers. On Christmas morning she would go to the tree and pick out her presents and lay on the floor and open them while my brother and I opened ours. She knew which ones where hers, and would not even try to touch one of the other presents.
These are just a few of many memories. I could write so much more, but it would turn into a book instead of a post. Maybe that will come one day. As I mentioned before, Bailey was more than a pup, she was my sister. She became part of my life during my difficult teenage years. She left us on June 3rd 2016. The day after my birthday. She was 13 1/2 years old. My brother and I had both grown, moved out, and started families of our own. My parents moved to another state, but Bailey still waited on us to visit. Whenever we visited, it was like old times. The day she went to the Rainbow bridge was hard on our family. I remember laying on my couch because I had just had my wisdom teeth removed the day before. My mom told me they where taking her to the vet days before because Bailey had been battling cancer for some time and she was suffering. I remember laying there when a strong, overwhelming feeling of sadness hit me and I started crying. It was not long after that my mom told me she was gone.
Bailey has left forever paw prints on our hearts. She can never be replaced. She taught us so much about joy, unconditional love, and companionship. We have a lifetime of memories from her being in our lives for 13 years. We might have taught her tricks, but she taught us so much more. She brought our family closer together and showed us what love truly was. Bailey will forever be missed. I love you Bookie Dog!

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Mandy Vinson

I am Mandy Vinson and I am a singer/songwriter, author, blogger, and on occasion and dabble into poetry. I am a wife, a mother of two children and a child of God. My hobbies include playing games with my kids and spending time with my family, being outdoors, writing, playing guitar, and singing.

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