The Evil Step-Dad

This is another writing of mine from years ago. I thought I would share this story. Of course, my dad and I get along great now and it’s funny, because most who meet us think he is my biological dad because we act so much a like. Oh, how immature I was, but hey, all of us were at one point. This was written back in 2006 for one of my English classes, so it’s ancient! Enjoy!

It was hate at first sight! My mom had brought home a new boyfriend in September of 2002. His name was Roland Dickson. He and my mom were coming back from the lake. They were in his burgundy Dodge Ram. He was wet and was wearing shorts and a t shirt. He was a nice man. Of course, all my moms’ boyfriends were, but I was fifteen and did not need a dad. I had lived most of my life with out one, so why get one now.
Roland is partially bald and about 5’9″. He dresses nicely, mostly in blue jeans. Roland is ex-military. He had been in the navy for twenty one years, so he was sometimes hard to get along with. If you did not agree with him on something, he would argue his point to the end. It did not matter whether he was right or wrong. Roland did not take anything off of anyone. He would stay with us on nights my mom had to work and I could not get away with a single thing. If I was to walk outside to talk to some guys or something, here comes Roland. he would yell at me to get into the house and make everyone leave. It was terrible. The worst part is, when I was having a bad day, he would make it worse. I would come home from school and if he even sensed I was uptight about something, he would start some kind of argument with me. He knew that I liked to argue and I was not going to back down. It would just make my day worse. It was like he thrived off of my anger. The more he was around, the more I hated him; but my mom loved him. I couldn’t see why. He made mine and my brothers’ lives miserable. At least mine anyway.
My mom and brother moved in with Roland in January of 2003. I was living in Kentucky at the time and I did not move in until June of the same year. Roland had a great house and we all had a great life. I mean we had a dog, big house, nice vehicles, the family we never had. What more could we ask for? But still watching over my every move was Roland. If my friends and I went out, he always knew what we did. One time, I stayed with a friend, and we were not suppose to have any boys over. My friend decided to let her boyfriend come over. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, it was her boyfriend, but as soon he got there Roland showed up at the door. I was so mad. He made me come home and would not let me stay with her unless her dad was home.
Roland loved to butt into my mom’s conversations. I remember when I would be trying to ask my mom a question and he would yell “NO!” Oh boy, I would throw the biggest fit because I wasn’t even talking to him. Roland and I always had a bad connection. What was worse was that my mom always said that it was because I always took everything the wrong way. That may be true, but he also took everything the wrong way.
My grandfather had given me a horse for my sixteenth birthday. I love horses and in a horse pasture is where I love to spend my time. I guess Roland wanted a way for me and him to connect, so he bought two more horses and started spending more time with me in the pasture. It was fun, just him and me, playing with the horses. Of course, we had to fight though. I would get mad over stupid stuff like him “hogging” my horse. All Roland would want to do is lead her to the barn and I would have to say, “She’s my horse.” Boy, that would start a fight right there. He would throw back, “Who’s paying for the feed?” I would have to shut of then.
My mom and Roland finally decided to get married. Roland got a brownie point with me because he asked me and my brother for our permission first. At that point in time, Roland and I were down to two arguments a week. We were getting better and more understanding of each other. My mom deserved her happiness too. I guess I was growing up a little bit and I was learning that I could not always have the last word in every argument.
By the time graduation rolled around, Roland had considered my brother and me his own kids. He had me set up to go to the college I wanted to go to and start the beginning of my life. Now I sit back and realize that the hard time Roland and I had in the beginning was my immaturity. Roland had sacrificed a lot for us. When he met my mom, he was not interested in a family. The worst part is he had gotten stuck with teenagers. Roland shared his life and love with a family he could have turned his back on. He showed my brother and me what a father was and he showed me that I did need one in my life. Roland and I fought and struggled to get the relationship we have today. I did not have the greatest life before we met Roland. My mom was struggling trying to raise two kids on her own and I was always in some kind of trouble. Once he came along, we all woke up. We needed Roland and he needed us and we never knew it.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some arguments that go on around the house, but, now we understand each other and we don’t hold grudges as long.


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Mandy Vinson

I am Mandy Vinson and I am a singer/songwriter, author, blogger, and on occasion and dabble into poetry. I am a wife, a mother of two children and a child of God. My hobbies include playing games with my kids and spending time with my family, being outdoors, writing, playing guitar, and singing.

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