Just Smile and say Hello

I am the type of person that will ALWAYS say Good Morning as I pass by someone. It doesn’t matter if I know them or not, it doesn’t matter if I am in a good mood or not, and it definitely  doesn’t matter if it looks like you’re in a good mood or not either. Believe it or not, I am actually a very shy person, unless I know you. Also, I am very reserved and like to keep to myself. When I started my fitness journey, my first goal was to walk 2 miles a day. So I would go to the track around the duck pond every single morning after I dropped my kids off at school. By every morning, I mean EVERY MORNING! It didn’t matter if I didn’t sleep well, if I wasn’t feeling well, or if I just straight up didn’t feel like it. I showed up, and held myself accountable to my goals. That being said, some mornings, I don’t feel like speaking to anyone. I would sometimes hope I would be the only one on the track when I got there simply because “I wasn’t in the mood” for socializing. You see, even though I am an introvert and like to keep to myself, I still find myself awkwardly saying good morning and smiling at every person I passed. No, I just can’t be like the normal folks who just walk on by with their ear buds in as they passed someone. Nope, not me. I snatch that ear bud out, say good morning, maybe have a small chit chat then be own my way. I walk a wy with a cringe wondering how strange they must think I am. But wait, I’m walking up on someone else! Lets do it again. I have to often remind myself that maybe they don’t think I am weird, strange, annoying or awkward. Maybe they look forward to a friendly hello in the morning. Maybe they’ve had a crappy morning, and that sweet crooked smile just made their day better. The point is, even though I am not one that likes to just randomly talk to anyone, but I can’t be rude either. I will always say hello or good morning. I will always tell everyone I see that I hope they have a great day. I think everyone should. Sometimes I do get a glare and an eye roll back in return, instead of a “thanks, you too”. But hey, you can’t make everyone happy. But if I can turn somebody’s day around, well, I think that’s just peachy!

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I am a mommy, wife, christian, songwriter, and blogger. Life itself inspires me, whether it's my personal experiences, or pep talks I have to give myself at times. I want to share to help others as well. You never know what someone may need to hear. Thanks for visiting my site 😀😀

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