My Beautiful Amazing Body

My body, this beautiful body of mine, has been through so much. But yet, when I stand looking at it naked in the mirror, I look at it with disgust. My body has been through hell and back in its short years so far. My body has went through growth, hormone changes, heck everything changing. Years of baking in the sun, piercings, and physical endurance. I have fallen and scraped its skin and broken its bones. I have tested it beyond limits to where sometimes it just wants to give up. I have had it stretched to the extremes twice while growing little humans inside of it for 9 months. Then it pushed through excruciating pain while delivering those beings into the world. Afterwards, my body nursed those blessings and provided everything beneficial for them. My body has been cut and sliced through different surgeries. And yet, it has survived. It has survived and has the battle scars to prove it. All the stretch marks, sun spots and scars. They are there for proof of all that my body is capable of. So why do I stand in the mirror looking at it with disgust? I shouldn’t be thinking bad thoughts about this body. My body is strong. My body is beautiful. My body is amazing. We all have beautiful amazing bodies!

(Picture taken when I was pregnant with my daughter)

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I am a mommy, wife, christian, songwriter, and blogger. Life itself inspires me, whether it's my personal experiences, or pep talks I have to give myself at times. I want to share to help others as well. You never know what someone may need to hear. Thanks for visiting my site 😀😀

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