Let God Drive

Life goes as God plans, not as our own.

I was reminded of this during the process of a towing company coming to our home to pick up my husband’s old work truck. They were scheduled to arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 one morning, so I purposely avoided going home until after 9:30. I didn’t want to have to deal with any of the awkwardness of people I didn’t know in my yard.

When I arrived home, my husband’s old work truck was still parked in the same spot. A little frustrated, I shrugged it off and went about my day. Hours later I hear my dogs barking, but when I looked out my window, I didn’t see anyone there. Assuming they must be pulling through and I can’t see them yet, I rushed to let my dogs inside so they wouldn’t be bothersome to the men coming to load up the truck. When I opened my back door, there was a man standing there hooking battery cables up to the truck. I looked around, but didn’t see the tow truck anywhere.

I walked out, greeted him and introduced myself. He informed me he was in a 10 car hauler, so there was no way he was going to be able to make it down my drive, so he was going to try to jump the work truck off and drive it out to the road. We talked for a moment, then he went to try to start the work truck up, and it wouldn’t turn on. I informed him of it being electric and showed him how to get it to start up. He told me he knew nothing of electric vehicles, and if I hadn’t of been there, he probably would have been out there all day trying to get “that darn thing” to start.

If the day had went my way, the man coming on time, there’s no telling how much time of his would have been wasted. But, instead, God’s plan happened. He knew that man would need my assistance so he made sure he came while I was home.

Trust in God’s plan, even when it’s not going your way. He knows what our future holds, so I would rather let him drive.

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I am a mommy, wife, christian, songwriter, and blogger. Life itself inspires me, whether it's my personal experiences, or pep talks I have to give myself at times. I want to share to help others as well. You never know what someone may need to hear. Thanks for visiting my site 😀😀

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