I’m cold, but that’s ok

Its 35 degrees outside and my truck won’t start. Now, I know that’s not too big of a deal if you’re at your home or a store or wherever, but I’m not.

So, I will say it again, it’s 35 degrees outside and my truck won’t start. It is also extremely windy, I am starving because I haven’t had breakfast yet, I have to use the bathroom and of course I am cold because I can’t run my heater.

Luckily I am waiting on my husband to come rescue me, or am I lucky because someone is able to come rescue me.

You see, I could be mad or irritated because this puts me behind in my plans today. I could be mad or irritated because I’m freezing and it’s going to take my husband a while to get here, but I’m not.

Faults happen in life. Things are going to break and bad things are going to happen. That’s inevitable. But you have to stay strong in faith that the Lord will help you through. Through Christ, all things are possible.

So, when the inevitable happens you can do one of two things. Sulk and complain about how your day is ruined and life sucks. Or thank our Lord when he comes to the rescue.

I choose to seek glory and be thankful. Things could always be worse. I am thankful I can always rely on the Lord to rescue me and help me, through the good times and the bad ones. To God be the Glory!

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I am a mommy, wife, christian, songwriter, and blogger. Life itself inspires me, whether it's my personal experiences, or pep talks I have to give myself at times. I want to share to help others as well. You never know what someone may need to hear. Thanks for visiting my site 😀😀

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