Somewhere Out There

“Somewhere, out there, beneath the pail moonlight”

We all know this beautiful iconic song from the movie “An American Tale”. As you remember, Fievel gets seperated from his family. In this particular scene, Fievel and his sister are singing this song to each other, but of course they are not together. “And even though I know how very far apart we are, It helps to think we might be wishin’ on the same bright star.”

This picture was taken on the same night, around the same time. The only difference is one was taken in Georgia, the other was taken in South Caronlina.

A reminder, that no matter how far apart you may be, you’re still under the same night sky. So, if you’re not around your loved one, remember to look up at the night sky and make a wish. Who knows, you might be wishing on the same bright star.

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I am a mommy, wife, christian, songwriter, and blogger. Life itself inspires me, whether it's my personal experiences, or pep talks I have to give myself at times. I want to share to help others as well. You never know what someone may need to hear. Thanks for visiting my site 😀😀

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