Let’s Talk Corona

In these times of the Corona Virus Pandemic I would like to address a few things:

1. If you are someone out there buying a year’s worth of diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, or whatever paper products when you have NEVER bought more than what you needed, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

                Stores only stock what is bought on the norm and because of YOUR  panic there are mommas out there without diapers. Not everyone can afford to go on a mad hysteria run and “wipe” all the stores out of essentials. The things you should have bought was vitamins and medicines for if you were to get sick.  CALM DOWN!

2. If you are someone who is out there buying up all the baby formula and food…

                See above!

3. If you are someone who thinks this is “no big deal” so we should take the kids to the skating rink or let’s plan a family vacation….


Now is not a time to panic, but be vigilant. Panic has never solved or helped anything. Is this virus scary? Yes. Could there be a major shut down and this effect our economy? Yes. But with you out there buying everything and leaving others stranded is not going to help.

I know of someone who was not “panic” buying, but had a regular monthly shipment for diapers for her one year old. But, because of “panic” buyers, her shipment got cancelled without prior notification and now she can’t find diapers.

Maybe now is the time for some of you to dust off your bible and read. Stop thinking of yourself and think of others.

 Check on your elderly family,  friends and neighbors and the ones whose immunes systems could be compromised, they are the ones who have the most right to panic

That being said, stop crying because spring break could be ruined, stop whining over homeschooling, stop taking your kids to the skating rink and risking further spread because you don’t feel like “dealing” and stay home and be thankful for your health. Stay away from hospitals and doctors’ offices unless absolutely necessary. Don’t spread it being you don’t know if you have it. The CDC has said, not to go out or to the doctor unless you are having major symptoms.

Take some vitamins, teach your kids. Be a parent, enjoy some quarantine time, and stop the panic.  

Oh yea….and wash your hands. Sad I should have to say that, but the way folks are buying up hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and Lysol has me really questioning if folks have never cleaned their homes. I thought that was something that should have always been in stock in the average house hold. But hey, my mom was a nurse for over 20 years so she’s had to keep us safe from all the other previous outbreaks, viruses, diseases or whatever she came in contact with while working in hospitals and the prison systems. So maybe it’s only common sense for me.

Stay safe folks, wash your hands, and PLEASE for the love of God, STAY HOME unless you have to go out for essentials.

Published by

Mandy Vinson

I am Mandy Vinson and I am a singer/songwriter, author, blogger, and on occasion and dabble into poetry. I am a wife, a mother of two children and a child of God. My hobbies include playing games with my kids and spending time with my family, being outdoors, writing, playing guitar, and singing.

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