Be Mighty

I woke up late this morning with a massive headache.  As I sat on my porch swing drinking my coffee, I silently scolded myself because I was behind on my morning routines. Here it was already 9 O’clock, I should have already completed my workout, made breakfast, etc.

As I sat there, sipping my coffee, I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done today and felt overwhelmed because I hadn’t even started yet. Suddenly a breeze came through and I heard a whisper in my ear. The whisper was, just because you started late doesn’t mean you won’t end mighty.

I smiled and felt a since of relief.

How true is that with anything. Whether it’s getting your day started, getting into shape, heck even chasing your dreams. Just because you started late doesn’t mean you won’t end mighty. At least your getting started period right?

With that bit of motivation, I jumped up and knocked out my workout, then continued to get my day started. Who cares if it was started late. My kids even enjoyed getting to lay around for a bit before having to get up and get moving.

So, don’t let getting behind stop you. It’s better late than never.

Just because you start late, doesn’t mean you won’t end mighty!

Published by

Mandy Vinson

I am Mandy Vinson and I am a singer/songwriter, author, blogger, and on occasion and dabble into poetry. I am a wife, a mother of two children and a child of God. My hobbies include playing games with my kids and spending time with my family, being outdoors, writing, playing guitar, and singing.

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