I Don’t Bathe My Kids Anymore

On the evening before the first day of school, we started getting ready for bed early so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.

Instead of taking showers one at a time, I decided to let one child shower in my bathroom while the other showered in theirs.

As I was getting the showers ready, it hit me, I don’t have to bathe my children anymore. They shower and bathe themselves now.

I tried to recall when was the last time I bathed my youngest. I couldn’t remember. Sadly, I never realized the last time I bathed my youngest was going to be my last time.

When my oldest first started school, I remember the hassle it was every night. Fighting between getting two small children bathed and ready for bed. Now, just like that, it’s over.

I should be happy and relieved that my children are more independent now, but in reality, it makes me sad. It means my children are growing up fast and we are turning to a new chapter in life, leaving the last chapter behind.

I look at younger mom’s as I’m sitting in the drop off line at the primary school. They are walking their Pre-k child to class while wrestling with a toddler. I recall being that mom. I recall being stressed and overwhelmed when little did I know that time would be over with before I knew it.

Enjoy every moment, even though it can seem tiresome and overwhelming. One day you will wake up and realize you don’t have to bathe them anymore. You don’t have to dress them in the mornings anymore. They will slowly become more independent. Yes, that means you’re doing your job as a mom, but that doesn’t take the sting away.

Enjoy them being little, because it won’t last long. Take advantage of every time they need you because one day they won’t. Don’t wish the time away because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Published by

Mandy Vinson

I am Mandy Vinson and I am a singer/songwriter, author, blogger, and on occasion and dabble into poetry. I am a wife, a mother of two children and a child of God. My hobbies include playing games with my kids and spending time with my family, being outdoors, writing, playing guitar, and singing.

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