Saturday Thoughts?

This morning, I woke up early, and decided I wanted to go for a walk. I normally walk on weekend mornings, but haven’t in a while bc I want to sleep in, we have lots to do, you know, all the excuses we all make to not have to workout. But this morning, I was feeling really good and made up my mind that I was going! I get dressed, grab my ear buds, head out the door, and oh my! It was freezing and windy. I didn’t know where my ear warmers were and I don’t like my ears to get cold. Then it hit me, it rained for a week straight. Not only do I live on a dirt road, but my driveway after it rains is a swamp. So to avoid walking through water I would have to walk along the raised edges like on a balance beam, but the balance beam has thorns for edges. I stood in my yard for a minute, almost second guessing my walk. Thinking of how difficult and uncomfortable it was going to be. I was cold, didn’t want to get wet, or torn up by thorns. All for what, 30 min of cardio. Oh the excuses started rolling in. But I ended up pushing them aside and going anyway. Once I got clear of the driveway and out on the road, it was beautiful. The dogs were running full speed chasing each other, the wind wasn’t near as bad as it was in my yard, and the walk itself was so refreshing and enlightening. My point to all of this is, how many times do we give up on something we want to do all because it looks difficult or its uncomfortable at the moment. We give up so quick because we don’t want to face a little obstacle. No, I wouldn’t have lost anything if I didn’t go on my walk this morning, but, I wouldn’t have realized that all it takes is a little push from the lord to cross the obstical to do something I want to do. We just have to listen and trust! Happy Saturday!

I see you momma…

I see you momma. Your kid is throwing another temper tantrum in the store, you can feel everyone’s judgemental eyes beeding in on you as you try to console your little one and finish your shopping trip as quick as you can.

I see you momma. As you’re trying to have a nice family outing, but something doesn’t quite go right. Maybe you forgot sunscreen for the water park, ear plugs for the movie, whatever. Then the *got it all together mom* has that smirk as she lends you hers, and you shamely borrow it as you fight back tears of guilt because you feel like a terrible mother.

I see you momma, as you try to figure out the right way to discipline your child, or how is the right way to correct them in public. Because everyone has their own opinions, and know matter what you do someone is frowing at you.

I see you momma, as you try to make mommy friends, but end up being so awkward that you feel like they are laughing at you as you walk away.

I see you momma. Struggling and holding back tears, hoping like crazy you’re doing it right and you’re not screwing your kid up. Praying you’re being the best momma your child needs.

I see you momma. Giving every ounce of yourself every day. Never taking time for you to make sure everyone is cared for. Going out of your way and above and beyond to make everyone happy, but no one seems to notice.

I see you momma, through all the awesome times that you never give yourself credit for, and through the once in a blue moons that you never forgive yourself for.

Momma I see you, looking at me through the mirror I’m staring into.

I see you momma! You’re amazing, you’re awesome, you’re doing an amazing job! Don’t worry what others think. God made you a mommy, and be doesn’t make mistakes!

Find yourself

When you start becoming afraid of your comfort zone. You start to make excuses as to why you cant do the things you love. Even though your heart aches to not be doing it, you still come up with excuse after excuse. And then, when you are trying to enjoy your passion, you have a hidden fear inside that you’ve never felt before, so its not as enjoyable as it once was. Maybe then, its time to step out of your comfort zone. I’m not saying give up your passion and find another. I’m saying try new things. Most times you have to loose yourself to find yourself. You have to step out, reflect, then step back in. You will find yourself again. Trust me!

A Perfect Afternoon

Afternoon days in southwest Georgia during spring or fall are so serene. The weather is perfect. Cool, breezy, and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. The birds are chirping, the dogs are lying in the yard, and the horses are grazing in the pasture. On days like these, we take rides on the four wheeler’s. Being that we live in the country, we ride down the dirt roads, around the farm fields and through the woods. We ride to the pond and sit and stare at the water before we continue on our journey. The water is as smooth as glass with the reflection of the setting sun and the trees. If you look close, you may see a fish jump, or a turtle poke its head out of the water. The view is breathtaking and peaceful. We continue on our ride. The cool breeze and crisp smell of the air is exhilarating. Its the feeling of freedom. Sometimes, we decide to ride to the hunting land. In the spring it is just freshly planted and in the fall it is picked and plowed with the smell of fresh peanuts. We drive through the woods and across the creek. We sit quite for a while as we listen to the sounds of nature around us. The turkeys gobble and the squirrels play in the trees. When you look close at the ground you will see the fresh deer tracks. If you sit quite enough, you might even see one. Maybe a buck, maybe a doe, maybe a variety. It starts to get dark, so we head back home. We have a long trip to make. The stars and the moon shine bright in the sky, no pollution of the city lights to block their beauty. The best part of the ride is the children’s faces. They are smiling from ear to ear with the wind blowing through their hair. The sparkle in their eyes when they get to see something different or new. And the excitement in their voices before we take the trip and when we return. Days like these are what life is about. Days like these are what makes the perfect memories for our little ones to pass down to their children and hopefully do the same with them. I hope that one day, when my children have children of their own, they will retell the stories of our afternoon joyrides as they are doing the same with them.


You’re not you unless you keep it real and you can’t keep it real if you care how others feel.
You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, heavy or light, or which religion is right.
What matters is our love for each other, like sisters and brothers, not matter our mothers.
Let our differences bring us together, through tough times we will weather.
We don’t have to be the same, because same is lame, uniqueness is game.
But, if you down me because of who I am, I understand, I will not reprimand.
Because, we are who we are, no matter our scars, we are part of the stars.
So, it’s not my place to judge, but my place to love, like the one up above.

My Turn

We all go through our ups and downs in life. All at different times and our struggles are different from one another. But, they are still there. We fight battles that no one realizes we are fighting, but yet, we stand strong, we smile, we show up when needed. Even through times, when we feel all is lost and we just want to give up. But one day out of the blue, you see the sky again and the troubles are just another stepping stone. These are the times when I cling to Jesus the hardest. I always feel the lord puts us through these trials to guide us to turn to him. To teach us that we need him. We don’t have to struggle alone. Turn to him, praise him through the hard times, and praise him more when you make it through the storm. The most difficult times in our lives are what shapes and forms us. These times are what molds us into the person the lord created us to be. It’s just up to us on how we handle it. So for me, I pray and praise through the storm. And I pray and praise after the storm. Because when the lord pulls me through, I know it will be my turn!

The Darkness

Black as night,

The stars are bright,

Shadows show from the moonlight.

Thick as skin,

Or is it thin,

Your blood that rushes from within.

You may be scared,

But know one cares,

As the shadows lurk you should beware.

The air is crisp,

The fog in wisps,

The dangers near are intensely swift.

Is that fear,

That lingers near,

Do not scream only one will hear.

A cry you’ll make,

But soon forsake,

Deciding now you will not break.

The dawn will come,

Bring forth the sun,

The darkness you have overcome.

Spiders anyone….

Every year for Halloween and Christmas, my kids and I decorate the house to the extreme. It started small when my oldest was a baby and every year it gets bigger and bigger. It’s a tradition I decided to make with my children because for some crazy reason, I always wanted them to have the fun childhood memory of all of is as a family going to the extreme with decorating. When it comes to Halloween decorating, we have halloween movies playing, the kids draw new halloween pictures to hang, and we munch on some snacks. When we decorate for Christmas, we have Christmas music blaring, drink hotcoco, and eat cookies. It’s a holiday in itself decorating the house. A couple years ago, for Halloween, we decided to add spiders to the porch. The spiders were so simple to make. I found the idea on pinterest using black pipe cleaners. The spiders were so cool, they even sort of bounced if you hit them or dropped them. We hung one up above our porch table where none could see, and when someone came over and sat down, my husband would release the string and drop the spider in front of them…. ahhh classic. Well, after two years of enjoying our spiders and them going through storage, our two dollar pipe cleaners didn’t hold out. So this year, my son wanted to make more. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this a couple years ago, but i saw the googly eyes in the store and I just knew we had to add these to our spiders this year. I must say, I’m pretty pleased how they they turned out! I can’t wait to hang them up around the house!