Somewhere Out There

“Somewhere, out there, beneath the pail moonlight”

We all know this beautiful iconic song from the movie “An American Tale”. As you remember, Fievel gets seperated from his family. In this particular scene, Fievel and his sister are singing this song to each other, but of course they are not together. “And even though I know how very far apart we are, It helps to think we might be wishin’ on the same bright star.”

This picture was taken on the same night, around the same time. The only difference is one was taken in Georgia, the other was taken in South Caronlina.

A reminder, that no matter how far apart you may be, you’re still under the same night sky. So, if you’re not around your loved one, remember to look up at the night sky and make a wish. Who knows, you might be wishing on the same bright star.

I’m cold, but that’s ok

Its 35 degrees outside and my truck won’t start. Now, I know that’s not too big of a deal if you’re at your home or a store or wherever, but I’m not.

So, I will say it again, it’s 35 degrees outside and my truck won’t start. It is also extremely windy, I am starving because I haven’t had breakfast yet, I have to use the bathroom and of course I am cold because I can’t run my heater.

Luckily I am waiting on my husband to come rescue me, or am I lucky because someone is able to come rescue me.

You see, I could be mad or irritated because this puts me behind in my plans today. I could be mad or irritated because I’m freezing and it’s going to take my husband a while to get here, but I’m not.

Faults happen in life. Things are going to break and bad things are going to happen. That’s inevitable. But you have to stay strong in faith that the Lord will help you through. Through Christ, all things are possible.

So, when the inevitable happens you can do one of two things. Sulk and complain about how your day is ruined and life sucks. Or thank our Lord when he comes to the rescue.

I choose to seek glory and be thankful. Things could always be worse. I am thankful I can always rely on the Lord to rescue me and help me, through the good times and the bad ones. To God be the Glory!


Do you see the heart in the sky? The bare ground is where a church use to stand. The church was built in the early 1900’s, I believe it was 1903. Almost 3 years ago an ef 3 tornado ripped through the area and completely wiped out the church. The church was made of concrete cinder blocks. I had the pleasure to help clean up the debris. While seperating cinder blocks into piles and wood into piles, I witnessed other volunteers removing the stained glass windows of the lords praying hands, unshattered. I remember a chill going up my spine. A reminder that even through the toughest times the Lord will see you through, unshattered. I had the urge to stop by and take a picture of the area, this is the image I captured. Absolutely Amazing!

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Dreams do come True

When I was younger I always dreamed of being a mom. I would imagine myself taking my children to and from school and going to afterschool practices. I could see myself grocery shopping and running errands. I wanted to be a wife and have an amazing husband who supported my dreams and I supported his. I could see us in our own home with horses and dogs. I would imagine putting a hot meal on the table in the evenings and spending time with my family.

With the hustle and stresses of everyday life, we forget to notice when dreams come true. We don’t dream or imagine the bills, or kids bickering, husbands not listening, and I could go on. All this distracts us from noticing how dreams have came true and we take our blessings for granted.

Of course we don’t dream, imagine, or even pray for the stress. That just comes with the package. When you put all that aside, you will realize how much your dreams have came true. Whether planned or not, prayers have been answered. Be thankful and appreciate what you have.

Let God Drive

Life goes as God plans, not as our own.

I was reminded of this during the process of a towing company coming to our home to pick up my husband’s old work truck. They were scheduled to arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 one morning, so I purposely avoided going home until after 9:30. I didn’t want to have to deal with any of the awkwardness of people I didn’t know in my yard.

When I arrived home, my husband’s old work truck was still parked in the same spot. A little frustrated, I shrugged it off and went about my day. Hours later I hear my dogs barking, but when I looked out my window, I didn’t see anyone there. Assuming they must be pulling through and I can’t see them yet, I rushed to let my dogs inside so they wouldn’t be bothersome to the men coming to load up the truck. When I opened my back door, there was a man standing there hooking battery cables up to the truck. I looked around, but didn’t see the tow truck anywhere.

I walked out, greeted him and introduced myself. He informed me he was in a 10 car hauler, so there was no way he was going to be able to make it down my drive, so he was going to try to jump the work truck off and drive it out to the road. We talked for a moment, then he went to try to start the work truck up, and it wouldn’t turn on. I informed him of it being electric and showed him how to get it to start up. He told me he knew nothing of electric vehicles, and if I hadn’t of been there, he probably would have been out there all day trying to get “that darn thing” to start.

If the day had went my way, the man coming on time, there’s no telling how much time of his would have been wasted. But, instead, God’s plan happened. He knew that man would need my assistance so he made sure he came while I was home.

Trust in God’s plan, even when it’s not going your way. He knows what our future holds, so I would rather let him drive.

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He’s a Knight

On Halloween every year, my husband and I dress up with our kids. We try to go as some sort of a theme, just because, well it’s fun and I’m a big kid at heart. This year, we took a turn towards the medieval theme because my son wanted to be a knight and my daughter wanted to be Maleficent. So, my husband went as a farm boy and I went as an elf. I worked pretty hard on my sons and daughters costume, making the knight amour out of Reynolds bake wear and duck tape.We set off to trick or treat, and of course a cold front came in so COLD was an understatement.

As we were walking along we ran into someone we knew. “OH cool costume Mandy”, they say to me. What does my awkward self do. I pat my son on the top of his head and reply, “He’s a knight”. Not a Thank you, like should have came out of my mouth. She gave me a “DUH” type stare, I did my little awkward chuckle and we parted ways.”Why didn’t I just say thank you.” I kept saying to myself, and sort of beating myself up for being so, well awkward.

The incident kept running through my head over and over again, and I felt more and more embarrassed. But, then the more I got thinking on it, the more I got tickled with myself over it. That’s just the way I am, so why get embarrassed about it? I know I am awkward, so I should own it right?I tend to spend more time feeling insecure about the way I am, but why? Own it!

Own the person God created you to be. You never know who’s watching and who you are inspiring just being you. The truest people love you for just who you are whether you’re quirky, awkward, inquisitive, shy, talkative, whatever. Own who you are, and never feel embarrassed about it.

Sing the Lullaby

I know you’re tired momma and ready to go to bed. But then, that little voice says, aren’t you going to sing my lullaby? Yes, he’s older now, and should have outgrown this. He is no longer a small child who can’t close their little eyes without the sound of their momma’s voice singing their favorite tune. Yes, he is a big boy who can read his own stories now and doesn’t even want a kiss goodnight. But, when that baby asks, yes baby because he will always be your baby, momma you sing the lullaby.One day, he will be all grown up, and he won’t need you to sing that lullaby anymore. But right now, he just wants to hear his momma’s voice, he wants to hear the comforting melody, he wants to be soothed by you. Don’t let those moments slip away. Don’t let his memories be of you being too tired.So, when you’re tired momma and ready to rest your headYou tuck your little ones in and get them ready for bedWhen you feel you’ve done all that can be doneBut a song is asked to be sungYou smile and give a kiss on the cheeklet the lyric come out so soft and meekTheir favorite lullaby you will singA lifetime of joyfulness it will bring.