I Get To

I get to wake up early every morning to get my family ready for the day.

I get to make breakfast and prepare lunch all while trying to get the kids shoes on and teeth brushed.

I get to drive my kids 25 minutes to school every day.

I get to hustle and bustle to feed and care for the animals.

I get to clean up everyone’s messes and ickys.

I get to fold unending mounds of laundry everyday and put them away.

I get to go to the grocery store and pay bills and then tightly manage our money until the next payday.

I get to go sit in a long pick up line and then drive the long drive back home.

I get to sit at the table and stress over homework, cook supper, then rush out the door for practice.

I get to make sure the kids are bathed and ready for bed, then go back and forth for night kisses 1,000 times.

I get to stay up late to clean up supper and clean the kitchen.

Everyone’s get to’s are different. Your get to’s may not seem so glamours to you, but they are someone else’s want to’s. Let’s be more thankful and love our get to’s and not make them have to’s.

Thank you Lord!

Today I am thankful. I am thankful everyday, but I don’t say it enough. Life’s stressors tend to get in the way of realizing all the Lord has blessed me with. The Lord woke me up on this beautiful morning beside my husband. I’ve always wanted to be a wife, the Lord blessed me with this amazing man. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, he blessed me with 2 amazing children. I’ve always saw myself when I was younger playing guitar, writing, and singing. The Lord taught me to play and gave me the words and the courage to share my music and thoughts. Growing up, I’ve always imagined myself with horses. I’ve always loved horses and would daydream about riding. I have 3 beautiful horses in my pasture behind my house. As I walk out this morning in the cold to feed them, I look towards the sky and smile. I will scratch their necks and rub my fingers through their mains. Then, I will continue to my all go and no whoa sort of day, and continue to smile. Today, I will not complain of all the problems in the world. Today, I will not compare what I have and don’t have. Today, I am thankful and I will bask in all the blessings the Lord provides, and continue to do so. I may not be where I want to be in life, but I’m right where I’m suppose to be.

The Sea

Funny story, hmm , where do I begin. My kids and I went on a trip to Florida with my parents to visit the Manetee springs. It was pretty awesome and we all had a great time. During the trip, we decided to find a beach area to swim at for a couple hours. I mean, how can you go to Florida without going to the beach. Plus, it had been atleast a year since any of us went. This particular beach we went to wasn’t like Panama city with the waves crashing on the shore. Actually, it was more like the lake. Just soft subtle waves here and there. The only difference was there were seagulls everywhere. It was very relaxing to not have to worry about the kids getting swept under by a big wave.

Through all the fun and excitement of the kids being tossed in the air and running back and forth splashing in the water, I happened to notice a fin out of the corner of my eye. I won’t lie, I panicked, screamed fin and was haul tailing it out of there. I saw in my mind a scene from jaws about to throw down and I wasn’t going to be apart of if!

To my surprise, it wasn’t at all what I thought it was, but only a dolphin. Not one, but a good bit of them. They were pushing fish to shore to eat. I thought I was going to have a hear attack. As my nerves settled down, we all got a pretty big laugh. I wasn’t the only one who panicked, but it was still embarrassing. Another visitor to that beach actually even walked by and made fun of me about it. But, afterwards we started calling every dolphin we saw a dolphin shark.

I believe every situation that GOD puts us through, we all come out of the other end with something to gain. Whether the situation is hurtful, painful, embarrassing, or happy. Some come out with a lesson, a story, a memory. With this particular situation, GOD gave me a song called The Sea.

It will be over before you know it.

It will be over before you know it, they always say. But, yet it’s just the beginning.

I watch your little hands, as they carefully move the spoonful of cereal to your mouth and you take a bite. There was a time I once fed you. Those little hands will continue to grow.

I watch you as you dress yourself in the mornings and tie your shoes. There was a time I would wrestle you around on the floor to get one article of clothing on, only to turn around for a second and you had it removed. I’m not even going to talk about the shoes.

I watch you as you brush your own teeth or jump on the potty without any of my assistance. There was a time I had to help and guide you.

I watch you as you make your own drinks and pick out your own snacks. There was a time I had to make you sit down at certain times to make sure you would eat and drink.

I watch you as you walk into school so confidently, ready to learn and see your friends. There was a time you never left my side.

I sit in my truck, in the pick up line, with an empty backseat waiting for it to be filled. There was a time it was full of giggles and “mommy I’m bored.”

Time flys in the blink of an eye. Some days seem tough, but before you know it, it’s over and you won’t get it back. Enjoy the time while you have it. Take in every minute and make the best out of every situation. Don’t takd for granted the times when they are little. Before you know it you will be saying, ” I miss them being that small.”

It will all be over before you know it, even though it’s just began.

I love me

I do not have a cute sneeze. In fact, I think I sound like sasquatch and you can hear me from a mile away.

My giggles and laughs can start out ok, then turn into something where people stare with that weird look of “what the heck is that”.

My hair is most times messy and in a bun, along with the frizz and crazy look.

I normally pluck my own eyebrows, when I have time. So, there you have it with that one.

I can sometimes not smell so good when you’re around me at the end of the day. But hey, I’m an outside girl, what can I say.

There are many many things about myself I use to not be able to stand. I would try to change myself to fit into others. The only thing I ended up doing was losing myself and not being comfortable in my own skin.

Not anymore! I accept myself for who I am, I love myself for who I am! So what if my sneeze isn’t cute and my hair looks a mess, that’s what makes me, me.

Lucky number 4

“Mommy, why do you and daddy always kiss four times?” My son asked me as I was backing out of the driveway, heading to take them to school. My husband had just given me our usual four kisses before parting ways. “I don’t know babe” I replied, “it’s just something we have always done. Fours just our number, our lucky number.”

Ever since my significant and I started dating, we new we were ment to be together and for some reason, we did everything in fours. Even now, with our beautiful four person family, we label ourselves M4.

The funny thing is, the number four is actually pretty significant in the bible as well. I never knew that in the previous years, but now I do. Did our lord bless us with this number? What is ment from us?

That is an answer I will never know, but for now when my child asks me why my husband and I kiss four times, I will respond “because it’s our lucky number!”

Choose Joy

I could be grumpy because we overslept this am so we had to hustle to get out the door.

I could be irritated because my kids are sometimes slow movers, especially when we are in a hurry.

I could be angry because this line is so long leaving my sons school and I only have 5 minutes to spare to get to my daughters school.

I could be agitated because once arriving to my daughters school someone blocked the parking lot I needed to get into when I’m already in a rush.

We choose the moods and attitudes we have. I choose to be happy and thankful rather than angry.

We woke up, we had food to eat and clothes to wear, I have a vehicle to get my kiddos to school, and we made it on time!

From the words of my daughter once we made it out of this line “atleast we’re not stuck in that one!” True dat baby girl, the line we left behind was much longer than the line we waited in.

Don’t let anger creep in and ruin your whole day. CHOOSE JOY!