Sing the Lullaby

I know you’re tired momma and ready to go to bed. But then, that little voice says, aren’t you going to sing my lullaby? Yes, he’s older now, and should have outgrown this. He is no longer a small child who can’t close their little eyes without the sound of their momma’s voice singing their favorite tune. Yes, he is a big boy who can read his own stories now and doesn’t even want a kiss goodnight. But, when that baby asks, yes baby because he will always be your baby, momma you sing the lullaby.One day, he will be all grown up, and he won’t need you to sing that lullaby anymore. But right now, he just wants to hear his momma’s voice, he wants to hear the comforting melody, he wants to be soothed by you. Don’t let those moments slip away. Don’t let his memories be of you being too tired.So, when you’re tired momma and ready to rest your headYou tuck your little ones in and get them ready for bedWhen you feel you’ve done all that can be doneBut a song is asked to be sungYou smile and give a kiss on the cheeklet the lyric come out so soft and meekTheir favorite lullaby you will singA lifetime of joyfulness it will bring.

Struggle Strong

I help others, when I myself am in need.

I support others, when I am weak.

I cry alone and pray strong,

Wondering how long I can hold on.

I live with fears and anxiety,

But I always drop to my knees.

I am always thankful and satisfied,

But am ashamed when I question why.

Why Lord, why, what did I do so wrong?

He then answers me in song.

Don’t give up now, the best is yet to come.

For you can fight, you are a strong one.

It doesn’t feel right now, I know you feel defeated.

But in tougher battles, I have not been beaten.

Stay strong child and you will see,

The power that comes from me.

I overcome every path that is blocked.

I, myself, cannot be stopped.

So, when you feel there’s no other way,

Remember, I am the way.

It will be tough, it will be hard.

But, trusting me is your only card.

The way will be clear when it’s time,

Then all your answers you will find.

I know the struggle now seems so long,

But stand tall and struggle strong.

For I am here to hold your hand,

And with that, the world can’t withstand.

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Cup of Tea

Not everyone likes country music.

Not everyone likes the football.

Not everyone likes scary movies.

Not everyone likes to read.

Not everyone likes math.

Not everyone loves being outdoors.

Not everyone likes trucks.

Not everyone likes coffee.

Not everyone likes makeup.

Not everyone likes art.

Not everyone thinks it’s cool to dress up as an elf. (Though I do worry about those folks)

You are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s OK. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s OK. Not everyone is going to appreciate what you have to offer, and that’s OK. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say, and that’s OK. Not everyone is going to like how you express yourself, and that’s OK. Love yourself first, and the ones that were meant to be will follow and be there. Don’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea, be your own cup of tea.

EverGreen Road

I am super excited to announce I have published my first book. Take it easy on me now, it’s my first one, but I think it’s pretty good if I must say so myself. The age range group for this one would be for around 8 years – 13 years of age. It is called Evergreen Road (in case you didn’t catch the title). The story line is about a girl named Alyse who lived on Evergreen Rd. She always dreamed of having horses, and one day her dream comes true when a gentleman came wanting the use of an old barn in her back yard for his two horses. Alyse learns how to overcome and face her fears through a few challenges she faces, but it’s all worth it! Check it out in the link down below. As of right now it’s only available as an eBook, but hey, can’t beat $2.99!

How to not have a stressful holiday

Oh the Joy’s of the holidays. When we were kids there was never a stressful thought running through our minds. Just the joy and excitement of seeing family and playing with cousins we haven’t seen in some time. Then we get older and the excitement slowly fades to anxiety and stress.

“Aunt Becky’s coming, I hope I don’t over cook the Turkey again.”

“Grandma will be here, I hope I can clean the house to her likings” (all while tiny human children are running through your house like a pack of wild animals)

Then, it will all be over and you may have some hair left along with a little sanity. But, not this year, this year put your mind back into your childhood self. Be excited to see everyone and don’t worry about what someone may say or think. Enjoy that dry turkey along with Aunt Becky’s look of disgust. Don’t even blink an eye when the kids come running in flinging dirt everywhere. It’s fun, let’s have fun. The holidays aren’t so stressful when when we get back to our child like minds and just having fun…. oh yea, don’t forget the wine or beer (whatever your poison) that helps too!

Never give up

Our moto in our house is “never give up”. If you want something bad enough, keep trying. You won’t succeed if you quit. My 5 year old says it all the time when she is trying to accomplish something, and it is so rewarding even when she achieves something small by living those words. For instance, she was trying to throw the football over the trampoline net, onto the trampoline to her brother and cousin. As she continued to throw the ball and fail the boys would laugh jokingly at her. She also laughed and said “Just to let yall know, I’m never giving up”. After many failed attempts, the sound of her joyous squeal when she finally made it over the net and screamed, “Told ya! Never give up” made my heart smile.

Even if it’s just something small you want to achieve, but it seems so hard. Never give up and you will never fail.

Go Momma! You Rock!

It is ok for a mother to want to have a career.

It is ok for a mother to want to stay home and raise her family.

Just because a mother chooses to work, doesn’t make her any less of a mother.

Just because a mother chooses to stay home, doesn’t make her any less of a woman.

Because a woman chooses a career, doesn’t make her less of a cargiver.

Because a woman chooses to care for her family, does not make her any less of a provider.

I am a mom that has been on both sides of the playing field, I know the struggles of both sides. Neither is easier and both have perks and downfalls. We spend too much time judging and comparing, instead of supporting. I hear it coming from both sides. “Well, she doesn’t work!” Or “Atleast I care for my kids and don’t rely on someone else!” Being a mom is hard either way. Whether you’re home all day long caring non stop for tiny humans or at work busting tail to come home to your tiny humans. Let’s support each other and stop dragging each other down.

So, I’m giving a shout out to all moms! You rock and you are doing AWESOME!